Name : Bumkey
Real name : Kwon Gi Beom
Gender : Masculine
Country : South Korea
Date of birth : 22 Sep 1984 (37 years)
Music styles : Pop, Hiphop, RnB, Ballad
Label / Agency : Brand New Music

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Attraction (feat. Dynamic Duo)
Bad Girl
Bad Girl (feat. E-Sens)
Body Language
Body Language (feat. San E)
Breathing All Day
Breathing All Day
Don't Be Happy
Don't Be Happy (feat. MAMAMOO)
Fxxk U
Fxxk U (feat. Ga In)
LALALA (feat. SURAN, Loco)
Love Line
Love Line (feat. Hyorin, Joo Young)
Special Girl
Special Girl (feat. INFINITE H)
Walking in the Rain
Walking in the Rain (feat. Verbal Jint)
When I Saw You
When I Saw You
You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW
You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW (feat. Verbal Jint, San E, Swings, PHANTOM, Kanto)

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