Jeong Eun Ji

Jeong Eun Ji
Name : Jeong Eun Ji (정은지)
Real name : Jeong Hye Rim (정혜림)
Gender : Feminine
Country : South Korea
Date of birth : 18 Aug 1993 (26 years)
Music styles : Pop, Ballad
Label / Agency : EMI RECORDS
Band : A Pink

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Thumbnail Title
All For You
All For You (feat. Seo In Guk)
Bada 'Ocean.wav'
Bada 'Ocean.wav' (feat. Huh Gak)
EYESCREAM (feat. Han Hae)
Our Love is Like This
Our Love is Like This (feat. Seo In Guk)
Short Hair
Short Hair (feat. Huh Gak)
The Spring
The Spring (feat. Hareem)
You're My Garden
You're My Garden

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