What is YourAsianMusic?

YourAsianMusic is an application that aims to gather as many Asian musics as possible (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese...) with the goal of making it accessible to a lot of people.

How can I participate?

The community makes YourAsianMusic live. If you like an Asian song or artist and it is not on the application, you can add it at any time to make it available to everyone. To do this you must register before.

Why should I register on YourAsianMusic?

Many features are reserved for YourAsianMusic members like the possibility to create playlists, bookmark favorites, comment on artists' songs and sheets, have listening statistics and more surprises soon!

Why should I use YourAsianMusic while all the videos are already on Youtube?

YourAsianMusic gathers all Asian music, only Asian. You have a simple access with the search bar and you can consult information sheets concerning the artists, as well as a list of their songs. Then, YourAsianMusic has a non-stop music system that allows you to listen exclusively to music that you like continuously.

What if I prefer to support artists on Youtube to increase their view counters?

The videos on YourAsianMusic actually come from Youtube, YourAsianMusic has no rights to belong to these videos. Views made on YourAsianMusic are added to the official Youtube counter. Similarly, any ads on the videos are broadcast and belong to Youtube, YourAsianMusic does not benefit from these ads. You get videos from Youtube with the advantages of YourAsianMusic.

How many videos and artists are registered on YourAsianMusic?

Currently 7864 videos and 2266 artists.

Can we follow you on social networks?

Of course! We are present on Facebook as well as on Twitter.